You put a lot of time, energy and passion into your work. So, when you decide to make a print, you want to be assured that the final product will be the truest-possible reflection of the original. We can produce giclées from digital files or reproduce existing works of art:
  • Starting with digital originals? You can upload your work to our server and usually have your prints ship the same day.
  • Creating reproductions from non-digital originals? It all begins with the highest-quality imaging of your art.
Working at your site or in our own studio, Reproducing Art captures accurate digital representations of your masterpieces using cameras equipped with high-end digital camera backs, delivering results that far surpass film-based and scanner capture methods. The colour accuracy and detail possible with these backs will truly amaze. We have been working with this technology for over 7 years now, perfecting our capture technique to ensure you get the highest quality imaging available anywhere.

As a respected photographer himself, Reproducing Art’s Derek Cooper brings to your project a deep understanding of light and the camera that is particularly critical to capturing the essence of three-dimensional works. Read more about Derek’s art reproduction technique in his interview for Photo News magazine.

The digital image is then colour matched to the original, with the master file residing on our server for long term storage.

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